Motorola flat-out accuses Samsung of ‘stealing’ its ‘original’ Always On Display

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Not according to the official Moto US Twitter account’s handlers, who use a different, much harsher word for it to begin with.

Lenovo’s reformed, increasingly ambitious and competitive daughter company seems to believe Samsung didn’t imitate, get inspired by, or even copy a certain trendy software trick integrated into the Galaxy S7 last spring, and now the Galaxy Note 7.

Instead, Motorola comes out with guns blazing, pointing the finger at the global king of smartphone sales for “stealing” the “original” Always On Display feature of the first-gen Moto X, also found on ensuing members of the family, and the recently launched Moto Z.

While the chronology is hard to dispute, and Samsung indeed arrived a little late to the “Active Display” party, we’d be remiss not to remind you of an extremely similar technology that’s as old as time. Or at least as old as the Symbian-powered, 2009-released Nokia N86, which spawned a series of so-called Glance Screen-sporting Lumia follow-ups.

Bottom line, Motorola should probably take a chill pill, refrain from adopting terms as harsh as “stealing” in its future attempts at rival slander, and remember it too can be accused of “borrowing” this or that feature from this or that OEM. It’s not about being first anymore, but rather being better.

Source: Twitter

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