Motorola Reveals Upgrade Plans for Android Handsets

Motorola has released a schedule outlining software upgrade plans for its entire current lineup of Android handsets. While more recent, high-end devices will see a bump to version 2.2 (Froyo) later this year, older models’ upgradability depends significantly on geographic region and other factors.


It’s been known for some time that both the Droid and Droid X would get a taste of Froyo — with the latter seeing leaked builds as early as last week — but now US owners of such models as the Backflip, Cliq, and Cliq XT can rest assured that a 2.1 (Eclair) update is forthcoming in either Q3 or Q4. Devour owners, however, are apparently being kept out on in the cold this time around.

Internationally, the picture is a bit more complicated. For instance, the entire Canadian stable of devices is said to be under evaluation for a 2.1 upgrade, while Backflips and Dexts in Europe and Latin America / Mexico will reportedly see no more version bumps whatsoever. While it would certainly be nice for Moto to be a little bit more forthcoming about the large number of models “under evaluation,” it is somewhat refreshing to see a company make committments to its customers over such a wide swath of products.

(via Motorola and GSM Arena)

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