We breathed a collective sigh of relief when AT&T finally decided that its users could be trusted with their smartphones after all, and announced intentions to start letting them enable non-Market app installs. The carrier said that the first of its existing devices that would be able to see this feature enabled would be the HTC Inspire 4G, Aria, and Samsung Captivate, with sideloading coming in the form of an OTA update. There’s more than one way to unlock such capabilities, though, as we’re seeing with Motorola’s release yesterday of a simple app to bring non-Market installs to its Bravo.

It’s interesting to see that this app come from Motorola, instead of AT&T, and just how painless it makes a situation that’s been unnecessarily complicated by AT&T for so long. The compact 22KB Sideload Enabler for BRAVO couldn’t be simpler; install the app and hit the “unlock” button. Thanks to code-signing, there’s no need to root your Bravo before the app will run.

Once your Bravo’s unlocked, you’ll still need to manually enable sideloading in your Android’s settings, just like you’d do with any other smartphone unencumbered by AT&T’s restrictions. Nice work, so far, AT&T. Let’s see you finish out your lineup of recent Androids with more unlocks that are this easy.

Source: Android Market

Via: Android Central

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