Motorola Releases Kernel Source for Atrix 4G

In a move that will certainly please hackers and owners of the Atrix 4G alike, Motorola has made public the kernel source code. The release includes code for the device’s included drivers and utilities such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as the Webtop.

Changes to the kernel can affect things such as battery life, stability, and features. Utilizing the code in this release, developers will be able to compile a complete kernel from scratch and build kernel modules, which may lead to the ability to disable some of the devices security, or enable previously locked abilities. Unfortunately the bootloader remains signed, which means there is as yet no way to flash a kernel built entirely from this source code to the device.

Rumors are also surfacing that Motorola has further locked down the device by patching the security hole that allows rooting many android devices (rageagainstthecage, psneuter) in it’s latest test build scheduled for an OTA update to Atrix owners in April. With the release of this kernel source code, perhaps developers can come up with a new rooting method prior to the update’s official release.

Source: Motorola Open Source

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