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Motorola bringing back the RAZR as a foldable phone?

By Anton D. Nagy January 17, 2019, 1:00 am

The punch-hole is not the only thing that Motorola will be allegedly reviving according to some leaked renders of the Motorola P40. According to a recent report, the RAZR flip-phone will make a comeback, and it will apparently flip the same way, but this time around, with a foldable display.

The report claims the phone will be using Lenovo’s foldable display technology, but the interesting bit is, aside from it being rumored as a Verizon exclusive, the price point. The phone is rumored to have a starting price point of $1,500.

February is a rough timeframe rumored for when the device will be available in stores across the United States. However, it is still being tested, so we might see some delays.


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