Mysterious Motorola “Quark XT1254” more powerful than the Moto X+1?

We’ve all heard a ton of rumors pointing to the possible launch of the next Moto X, and there is even a scheduled Motorola event that points to this launch as well. These rumors claim that this Moto X+1 will sport a 5.2-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 2GB RAM, all decent specifications for this year. Now, what if some new rumors point to another Motorola smartphone in the works, and oddly, a more powerful one?

Leaked CPU-Z screen shots show us a new Motorola device under the codename “Quark_Verizon,” and with a model number XT1254. Motorola regularly keeps model numbers following a particular sequence, but if you consider that the Moto X was model number XT1060, there is a significant leap with this “Quark_Verizon” model. Even more interesting is when you look at the specifications leaked, where we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.65GHz, Adreno 420 GPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, and Android 4.4.4, all huge leaps when compared to the previous leaks of the Moto X+1.

What could this Motorola “Quark_Verizon” device be? We do remember that there are some new Intel processors with a Quark codename, but we also know these were focused on low-power devices as well. We doubt there is a resemblance, but we could assume that this is the new Droid Turbo that has also been talked about previously.

If this is the Droid Turbo, it would be significantly different to the Moto X+1, and would also vary the strategy that Motorola followed last year with the Droid Ultra. Whatever the case may be, we’ll keep digging to see what we find.

Source: Android Autority
Via: Droid_Life

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