The Moto Razr has just been launched this month, and even though it doesn’t include the latest specs, it’s still amazing. A new foldable phone with a clamshell design has come to amaze. However, it seems that Motorola isn’t going to stop there, and they may be working on a new Moto Razr2, or at least that’s what we want to believe.

There is a new patent filing from Motorola that includes a device that looks like the latest Moto Razr. This patent was discovered by the guys at Let’s Go Digital, and we can guess that it will be the next Moto Razr 2. This is technically the same design we saw a while back in the Moto Razr, with the difference that it includes eight touch sensors on the sides of the device. There are four sensors placed on each side of the device, that would also work when the phone is closed. This new feature could let users enable up to 20 different functions and gestures. The patent also notes the possibility of placing a touch sensor on the devices hinge. This sensor would be able to detect up, down and swipe movements. It’s not clear how Motorola will avoid accidental activation of these sensors, but let’s remember that this is still a patent, so there’s no guarantee that we will get these features, or a new Moto Razr 2.

Source: Android Authority

Via: Let’s Go Digital

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