Rumors have been flying that Motorola has been chosen to make the next Nexus iteration, and most (if not all) called the phone the Nexus 6 – it’s the sixth Nexus phone to be made, and it’s also rumored to have a 5.9-inch screen size. Today we’re seeing a report that looks to partially shoot down these earlier rumors, as the Motorola Nexus X name leaks for the first time.

According to unacknowledged sources of PhoneArena, the phone will be named Motorola Nexus X (as we said earlier), and it will allegedly have the Motorola model number XT1100. This leads us to think the earlier report suggesting that Motorola is set to launch eight phones by the end of the year is totally accurate – we’ve been swamped with model numbers for what we’re assuming are the new Moto X and G, and a bunch of different Droid variants (including one known to us as “Quark”).

The reason for the name change is probably because of trademark issues, as in the story Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? the androids are model Nexus-6 (a funny coincidence).

As for when we can expect this phone? Sometime around Halloween, says PhoneArena, the phone will quietly be pushed by Google onto Google Play. If you can remember, the Nexus 5 was announced on Halloween without a press event last year, so this is not hard at all to believe.

Who’s going to be buying one?

Source: PhoneArena

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