Motorola Mystery Phone Pictured (Photo)

This unknown device is currently being tested by Motorola, and judging by what looks like a horizontal seam at the bottom, it could be a QWERTY slider. That would, however, make the display component extremely thin, so what we’re seeing may simply be the edge of a taper. That orange protrusion sticking out the left side is probably a ribbon cable for flashing the phone via JTAG.

What’s most interesting here is the lack of any visible buttons on the face; even Moto’s devices with capacitive buttons have visible icons when unlit, while the “button row” here seems completely blank. There seems to be a rather large screen, although it’s difficult to tell if we’re looking at something bigger than the standard 4.3 inches. Any guesses on an identity or destination?

Image has been removed at the request of Motorola Mobility, Inc.

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