Motorola ‘fully’ rolls out Marshmallow for Moto X Pure Edition on three carriers

It’s really no wonder version 6.0 barely surfaced in last month’s Android distribution chart, essentially tying Froyo’s market share, given you can still count the number of non-Nexus, non-Android One devices widely updated to Marshmallow on the fingers of one hand.

There’s the LG G4, unlocked HTC One M8 stateside, Moto X Style in territories like Brazil or India, and… actually, that’s it. Three pithy phones, plus the M pre-loaded HTC One A9. Of course, a slew of newbies and oldies, including the ancient HTC HD2 and Nexus S, can technically run the platform’s freshest flavor via unofficial ports, but that remains an upgrade path of many risks and woes.

Meanwhile, Motorola takes things to the next level after “soak testing” Marshmallow goodies on the US-only Moto X Pure Edition, officially dispatching Doze mode, various security enhancements and UI tweaks over-the-air to Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular users.

Keep in mind the X Pure Edition is architecturally identical to the “international” X Style, so although we’re definitely ecstatic to see the high-end 5.7-incher brought to date software-wise, this is really no surprise or breathtaking feat. It’s what’s supposed to happen with Android 6.0 already more than two months old.

Reportedly tipping the scales at close to 700MB, the bundle of joy is no doubt massive and important, as well as hopefully, smoother and stabler than Lollipops initially sent out to Moto handhelds this time last year. The update should prompt an automatic installation message any minute now, but if it doesn’t, a manual check is advised.

Next up, Senior Director of SW Product Management David Schuster says the Moto X Play will jump on the Marshmallow bandwagon in Brazil and India, alongside the Brazilian X Force, and closely followed by all other “previously announced devices.”

Source: Google Plus
Via: Android Police

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