It’s technically not even out yet, but the Moto G4 Plus goes $50 off list on Amazon

It’s raining fourth-gen Motorola Moto G deals stateside even before the mid-range 5.5-incher can start shipping to folks who’ve pre-ordered it across retailers like Best Buy, B&H and Amazon. All we have to say to that is “let it rain”, and wonder where do we sign up for the sweetest special offers?

As far as the non-Plus, non-fingerprint-recognizing, 2GB RAM-limited, 13MP rear camera configuration goes, it’s either live with sponsored content on your lockscreen and get $50 off the phone’s list price, or pay $200 and up outright, then use a free $50 gift card on subsequent BB or B&H purchases.

Meanwhile, the higher-end Moto G4 Plus by Lenovo sets you back $200 in a 2GB memory/16GB storage variant on Amazon for a limited time, 50 extra bucks netting you twice the RAM and four times the internal digital hoarding room, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Typically, the two G4 Plus models cost $250 and $300 respectively, and they’re still technically listed at those tags. But don’t let appearances deceive you, as simply adding either of them to your cart will lower the bill by a cool $50. Probably not for long though, so hurry up, and remember, deliveries begin on Tuesday, July 12.

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