Motorola opens Moto G4 Play US pre-orders at $150, Amazon ads drop price to $100

With all the recent high-end Moto Z-series releases, Moto Mods, and the customizable G4 and G4 Plus providing such solid bang for your buck, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you forgot about the even lower-cost, humbler Moto G4 Play completely.

Lenovo did make minimal fuss when unveiling it alongside its bigger, more competent brothers, but four months in, the entry-level Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow-based 5-incher finally seizes its 15 minutes of fame by commercially launching stateside.

Widely so, believe it or not, i.e. through Motorola’s US e-store, as well as Amazon and B&H Photo Video, with Verizon apparently following suit soon in an attempt to beef up the number one carrier’s prepaid device roster.

Amazon even adds the Moto G4 Play to the seemingly successful Prime-exclusive lineup, next to the standard Moto G4 and BLU R1 HD, squeezing it between the earlier two ad-feeding phones, at an unlocked price of $100.

If you’re not comfortable with lockscreen “offers, personalized deals and recommendations”, both third-party retailers and Motorola will charge you $150, full AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon compatibility included.

Either way, it sounds like a decent deal, 720p screen resolution, 2GB RAM, 8 and 5MP cameras, “all-day” battery, water repellent nano-coating, 4G LTE connectivity and all. Deliveries and physical sales are slated to begin on September 15.

Sources: Motorola, Amazon, B&H

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