Released in November in Mexico as a marginally enhanced version of the standard international Moto G 2015, then expanded to India in December, the Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition is finally ready to move to the software iteration it probably should’ve launched on.

Oh, well, better late than never, and starting in a few days, maybe even hours, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop will become an unpleasant, distant memory for Moto G Turbo Edition owners in India. Meanwhile, their comrades in suffering over in Mexico need to wait a little longer to jump on the Marshmallow bandwagon.

Interestingly, the Android 6.0 package rolled out OTA by Lenovo for the Snapdragon 615-powered 5-incher merely tips the scales at 450MB or so, compared to the typical 1 gig heft of M-flavored goodies, which suggests the phone was already pretty advanced on the OS front.

Also, so-called bloatware is probably non-existent, and your UI will remain as clean as a whistle, perfectly complementing the respectable hardware sold for a little over $200 on Indian shores: 2GB RAM, 2,470 mAh battery with fast charging functionality, 13 and 5MP cameras, 720p IPS LCD screen.

Endurance, security and general performance are just a few of the departments Android Marshmallow aims to improve on the G Turbo after doing the same for the non-Turbo second-gen G, Moto X Style, aka Pure Edition, X Play, and unlocked 2014 Moto X.

Source: GSMArena

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