The Moto E3 is larger than its predecessor, but is it also beefier?

Just when it seemed we could all agree bigger isn’t necessarily better, Lenovo magnified the third-gen Moto G’s screen and came out with its 2016 iteration.

After a surprisingly lengthy waiting period, the third-generation Motorola Moto E, 2016 Moto E or simply Moto E3 finally broke cover earlier today in the UK, likewise focusing on size upgrades first and foremost.

The “new” 5-incher greatly resembles the 2015 Moto G3 on paper, with matching 720p display resolution, “splash” protection, 5MP front-facing camera, but a downgraded 8-megapixel snapper on its back.

The battery gets a healthy bump over both last year’s E and G, to 2,800 mAh capacity, while a close to stock version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow naturally runs the software show. Bizarrely, Lenovo insists on staying mum regarding other key specs, including the make and model of the quad-core processor, as well as the RAM count and internal storage.

That’s rarely a good sign, though pre-release benchmarks hinted at 2GB memory and a MediaTek MT6735P SoC, which isn’t all that bad for £100 ($132). Then again, we wouldn’t hold our breath for more than 8GB ROM, expandable via microSD, especially if the plan is to also launch the Moto E3 stateside around September at $100.

Source: Engadget

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