We rounded-out last week with some news about a possible new Motorola Android, one that appeared to be both extremely thin and surprisingly cheap. We worried it sounded a little too good to be true, though, and questioned what evidence there really was linking Motorola to the leak. We still can’t say with much more certainty what to expect from this hardware, but over the weekend some new developments have come to our attention, attempting to give this hardware a name while also describing some upcoming Moto G variants.

This new report out of Mexico doesn’t add much in the way of technical detail to that previous spec leak, but does offer up a name: the Moto E. Pricing is given as around what works out to $230, but the source is clear that this is just an estimate.

This new Moto G news comes from Mexico as well, with word of a possible LTE-enabled Moto G, as well as a Ferrari-branded special edition. Besides the addition of LTE, it doesn’t sound like much would be changing with the smartphone’s hardware, though it is possible we’d see the 8GB option dropped in favor of the larger 16GB capacity. It may go up for sale bundled with a flip cover case, and retail for the equivalent of about $265. June’s looking like a potential launch window.

As for the Ferrari model, it sounds like this might be little more than a custom backplate. Whatever it ends up being, we’re not too excited, though if you’re a big Ferrari fan, be on the lookout for this option during the second half of the year.

Source: Xataka 1,2 (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena 1,2

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