In the days following the formal launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow we saw OEMs lining up to start sharing the first details of their own update plans, with Motorola taking a prominent place among them. The news we got wasn’t necessarily great – there was a big wide-open hole that left the fate of US carrier editions of the Moto X 2014 super uncertain – but at least international editions looked like they’d be covered. And indeed, today we get some news from Motorola on how it’s beginning distribution of its Marshmallow updates, and the focus is very much on international markets.

This week, Marshmallow updates start heading out to the Moto X Style in Brazil and India, as well as to last year’s Moto X in Brazil.

Next on Motorola’s agenda is this year’s Moto X Pure Edition, but right now that’s still a few weeks away.

When first confirming these updates, Motorola gave us a general sense of changes to expect, and today the company expands on that a little. Most of its release notes are generic Marshmallow fare, but we do see some Motorola-specific changes, like the move from Ambient Display to Moto Display, changes to previous Moto Assist functionality, and moving Attentive Display into Moto Actions. You can check out the complete list through the source link below.

Source: David Schuster (Google +), Motorola
Via: Android Police

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