We’ve long departed from the Moto G of 2013 that gave sub-$200 phones a great name, but the spirit of a clean, fast mid-range device has always remained. That may be why it has been the best-selling series of smartphones for Motorola.

In fact, the company’s General Manager for Latin America, Sergio Buniac, told Android Central at the Moto G6 launch in Brazil that more than 70 million ‘G’ units have been sold in thus far. Now, anything averaging more than a million sales a month is pretty good, but the five-year streak here is quite commendable.

Buniac then goes onto set out the company’s goal: 100 million total sales by the end of year six. Will the Moto G6 and its compatriots contribute enough of an oomph to tip shipments above the 30 million mark in 2018? They have plenty of points up from the G5 and G5S series which, by the way, are still around for sale. Stay tuned.

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