Flashback Friday: Motorola wants to bring back the Razr magic on June 9

Back in the golden age of candybar phones and clamshells, it was so much easier than today to choose a “daily driver.” Nobody talked about different mobile operating systems and platforms (because there weren’t any), you didn’t have quad or octa-core processors to concern yourself with, and lag was an issue limited to PC mIRC chats.

It was an arguably simpler time, when essentially the entire mobile device-owning world either used a stylish Motorola Razr or robust and long-lasting Nokia 1000-series handheld. Androids and iPhones of course shortly entered the equation and began another digital revolution, leaving the industry’s former leaders behind, as they sought progress a little too late.

Ultimately, Motorola managed to right the sinking ship, aided by Google and now Lenovo, but you probably can’t blame the Illinois-based company for still yearning after lost glory. Which finally brings us to today, when… a new Razr is teased.

That’s impossible, since the brand was buried years ago, so there has to be something else Moto’s trying to hint at with a June 9 promo beamed straight from 2006. Maybe that high-schoolers will instantly warm up to the upcoming Project Tango-powered Moto Z? All high-schoolers, including jocks, cheerleader types, geeks, goths, and long-haired rock music fans.

Or perhaps the high school is a metaphor for today’s divided smartphone audience, which Lenovo intends to bring together… somehow. With modules cooler and more convenient than those of the LG G5, presumably, as well as specs ranging from mid to high-end, and an assortment of price points too.

One thing that’s unlikely to make a return however are selfies taken in a mirror with VGA cameras. Nobody’s nostalgic about that.

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