‘Motorola is back’ on June 27 to possibly unveil Moto Z2 and/or Z2 Force

Instead of taking the summer off, or at least the early stages of the season, and risk going up against Samsung, Apple or Sony in August and September with a bunch of high-profile smartphone announcements, Lenovo may want to unveil its entire “unlimited” Moto-branded product roster by the end of this month.

Okay, perhaps the G5S and G5S Plus aren’t coming just yet, but the Z2 Play recently kicked off a jam-packed June for “Lenovorola”, followed by the E4 and E4 Plus yesterday, with an upper mid-range X4 and top-shelf Z2 likely right around the corner.

Yup, there’s something else cooking besides the anticipated June 21 Brazil introduction of the long overdue Moto X4, and Lenovo says to also save the June 27 date for a mysterious “update” bringing Motorola “back” to the limelight.

At least it’s supposed to be mysterious, because that pretty blonde girl pictured on the company’s latest event invitation is clearly holding a modular Z-series phone with a dual rear-facing camera. You know, like the Z2 Force rendered a while ago.

Of course, the “regular” Moto Z2 could sport a nice pair of “main” shooters as well, but this is definitely one or the other. Possibly both, though certain markets may only get the single version. Which are you more excited about?

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