By this point the question almost sounds like a broken record: when will we see Google’s influence as Motorola’s new owner start to reflect on the smartphones the latter releases? We’ve been talking about it for the better part of the past year, and rumors of models like the X phone have only rekindled the speculation. While the X may primarily be a pre-Google Motorola design, the day will eventually come when this Google-Motorola collaboration finally shows its face. Today we learn a little about what to expect from this device, thanks to Motorola’s chief designer, Jim Wicks.

We’ve talked before about this “pipeline” – the backlog of devices Motorola had to get through before Google could start having much of a say. According to Wicks, that’s about to run its course, and the first Motorola Android developed alongside Google will be released during the second half of this year.

As for details, they’re understandably sparse, but Wicks does talk a little about size. A phablet sounds out of the running, as while Wicks does acknowledge that some users like big screens, Motorola is aiming for more of a “just right” size that will find more mass appeal. He also talks about software, thankfully confirming that bloat will be minimized. Other key elements will be a durable construction and tiny bezel.

Wicks has a couple other things to say about Motorola’s Android future. Namely, that while the company may make more Droid models for Verizon, it really has its sights set on phones that will be available from a number of carriers. Ultimately, that means fewer distinct phone models, but broader availability for those it does release.

Source: PCMag
Via: Droid-life

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