Motorola Droid X Unboxing (Video)

We’ve already covered the Motorola Droid X from a high level here at (including some first impressions, a widget tour, and comparison with the Droid Incredible), but since this is going to be such a popular device, we wanted to provide additional coverage for those of you that are considering the device as your next smartphone.

As a recap, the Droid X is Verizon’s answer to the Sprint EVO 4G (minus the 4G connectivity). It has a large 4.3″ display, supported by a TI OMAP 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and about 24GB of storage space (made possible by 8GB of on-board storage and 16GB of microSD space). It’s running on Android 2.1, though Verizon intends on releasing an Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade for the device later this year. It has some other goodies like HDMI out, multiple microphones for noise cancellation and for better audio control when filming video, and a dedicated camera button (which is hard to come by these days).

The Droid X is available on July 15 for $199 after mail in rebates from Verizon.

More to come on the Droid X!

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