This weekend was a busy one for Motorola leaks, and following up all that Moto X action from the previous week, we got a couple new looks at other upcoming Androids from the manufacturer. First up we had a supposed render of the Droid Maxx, followed thereafter by a shot of what just might be the Droid Ultra. The latter is back on our radar today, with the arrival of a render of its own.

Though now in black, the render does seem to closely resemble that purported image of the Ultra, not to mention the Maxx. That shouldn’t be that surprising, as if we’re comparing this family to the Droid RAZR, the Ultra is the RAZR – the regular, slimmer model.

In fact, those same slightly-off-center capacitive Android buttons from the weekend’s Maxx render are back. We scratched our heads about those at the time, and we’re still wondering if that’s intentional, a glitch in these renders that won’t be reflected in the final handsets, or even evidence of these being fakes.

That camera sure looks like it could be pretty impressive, and while we can’t quite make out the lens text, this render arrives alongside the claim that the Ultra will feature a 10-megapixel RGBC camera – with that extra C subpixel helping with “white balance and exposure.” Funny how that sounds just like the Clear Pixel system we just heard rumored for the Moto X – maybe Motorola is planning its own UltraPixel-type deal, with the feature used in multiple smartphone cameras across its Android lineup.

Source: TheUnlockr
Via: @evleaks (Twitter)

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