Everybody loves getting an Android update; they remind us that our phones aren’t yet completely out-of-date, and that our manufacturer and carrier have at least some passing interest in keeping us happy. We get to check out the latest Android features that it seems like everyone else has been enjoying for six months, and briefly feel like we have a modern handset again. That’s all fine for what it is, but with so many phones out there tasked to get their updates, it’s difficult for us to get very excited about any one in particular. At least, that’s usually the case, but the new update about to arrive for the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx has really managed to capture our attention, not so much because of what it includes, but because of what it doesn’t.

Motorola is currently running a soak test for the update, which will presumably go public shortly, and beyond just bringing these phones up to Android 4.1.2, it clears a whole lot of bloat off the system. That includes both Motorola apps like MOTOACTV as well as carrier apps like Verizon Video on Demand. Additionally, MOTOCAST is no longer integrated so tightly, and becomes a stand-alone app. Apps like My Gallery and My Music are replaced by their regular Google equivalents. Combine that with changes to colors, font, icons, and animations, and it’s going to feel like you have a whole new phone.

You can check out the changelog through the source link to prepare yourself for just what to expect, while you keep your eye out for a notification when this update is finally available; chances are, it could be here in a matter of weeks.

Update: Motorola has announced that the update is now on its way.

Source: Motorola
Via: Phone Dog

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