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We were at the Motorola event at CTIA in San Francisco, California when Motorola had announced its business-centric Droid Pro, a world phone that packs in a front-facing one-handed QWERTY keyboard for ease of messaging. Motorola’s goal in creating the device is to hopefully help customers carry one unified convergence device that adjusts between work and play.

According to Motorola executives, consumers, prosumers, and enterprise customers are still carrying multiple devices–perhaps a lighter phone or smartphone, and a messaging or enterprise-ready device such as a BlackBerry or another smartphone. In trying to achieve its goal of convergence–to create a compelling consumer-centric device that will also appeal to IT and system administrators–Motorola had developed the Droid Pro as a solution. The Droid Pro is a lightweight messaging phone with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard, world phone capabilities, and comes with an apps ecosystem supported by Android OS.

Hopever, it doesn’t stop there. Motorola had spent some time adding enterprise-ready applications and security features to make the device appeal to CTOs and CIOs within companies. This way, if consumers pick up the Droid Pro, it could easily be added to a company’s system since it is enterprise-ready.

In our hands-on time with the Droid Pro, the hardware keyboard is very comfortable to type on, and yields fast and accurate typing results that rivals some of the best keyboards on the market today, including the BlackBerry. I noticed that key travel and feel is more comfortable than the slightly stiffer keys of the BlackBerry Torch–the Torch’s keyboard had very little travel to them due to the sliding mechanism. Additionally, the Droid Pro’s hardware keyboard is one of the few that offers auto-correction, which is definitely a nice feature to not only help you type faster on a small keyboard, but also will make it a stellar corporate device–you can’t send out press releases with mis-spelled words!

On top of that, you also get all the features of Android that make the Droid X lust-worthy in Verizon Wireless’s lineup–apps, entertainment, fun, multimedia, and more. Check out our hands-on demo of the Droid Pro, given by Art from Motorola, in the video below:

The device has a sharp HVGA screen, and I came away from the device pretty impressed with the form factor and keyboard. I have been a big fan of front-facing keyboards, and with Verizon Wireless’s strong network, the Droid’s brand recognition, and all the buzz going on around Android, the Droid Pro will give some of the best BlackBerry smartphones out there a run for its money.

The Droid Pro will hit Verizon Wireless in early November.

My real concern here is if Motorola will cannibalize itself. Technically, since Motorola’s enterprise group will be splitting off the Motorola Mobility division, which heads consumer accessories and consumer smartphones, including the Droid Pro, the Motorola ES400–recently announced for Sprint and AT&T–may also feel some heat from this Android handset that packs in some powerful features.

If you’re interested in more photos from the Motorola event at CTIA, you can also visit Motorola on Facebook at Special thanks to the Motorola team for accommodating us and letting us film a Droid Pro next to its rivals–the Nokia E73 and BlackBerry Torch.

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