Motorola Droid is a Windows Phone Abducted by Android?

The Verizon Wireless Motorola Android phone is speculated to have originated as a Windows phone, perhaps designed for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 operating system. Those claims were made by Mobile Tech World recently. The site claims that the specs of the Droid Android handset closely mirrors the requirements for the chassis 1 design of Windows Mobile 7 hardware.

The curve ball? According to Mobile Tech World, the Droid runs on a 854 X 480 screen resolution and has a rather lowly 553 MHz processor. The basis for the speculation? Well, Mobile tech World is stating that Motorola was deeply involved as a Windows Mobile OEM, but recently defected to the Android side.

Let us know what you think? Is the Droid designed for Windows Mobile? Was it abducted by Google’s green Android monster?

(via: Mobile Tech World)

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