Lots of gossip has been circulating in smartphone forums about Motorola’s Droid Bionic on Verizon, concerning the fate of the unreleased smartphone. Supposedly, issues that came up during testing caused enough concern that the Bionic was to be mothballed in favor of the Motorola Targa. Another group argued that these reports were overblown, that any problems that manifested weren’t out of the ordinary for a new phone, and that talk of cancellation was an overreaction. Now Motorola has set the record straight, confirming the phone’s release sometime this summer.

In its statement, Motorola doesn’t talk about needing time to fix bugs or performance issues, as the rumors had suggested were the problem, but instead says that the delay is to deliver “enhancements” based on feedback the company has received thus far. According to a leaked Costco release schedule, the Bionic was originally scheduled for a May 12 release.

Motorola hasn’t specified just when over the summer the phone will launch, and we might be looking at later rather than sooner, as the company is leaving Q3 open as an option. It’s still possible, given what’s been revealed, that a late June release is still possible. We suppose that depends on how ambitious Motorola’s plans are for overhauling the phone.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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