After a long, troubled road to release, Motorola’s Droid Bionic is finally upon us. As Verizon subscribers begin to pick up the smartphone, we’re hearing about some users running into problems with the Bionic’s radio, and other users who have taken to tinkering with the phone and nearly have an alternate recovery ready to go.

An issue with the Bionic’s radio has been noticed by some users, where a situation presents itself in which the handset struggles to maintain a 4G connection, instead vacillating between 4G and 3G options, when it can even find a signal at all. All that work to get a lock is a huge strain on the phone’s battery, running it down in just a matter of hours. It’s not yet clear why this is happening to only some users, nor if it represents a hardware or a firmware issue. The good news, at least, is that it’s not particularly common.

Assuming your Bionic is up-and-running without a hitch, you may be ready to get started with some heavy-duty Android customizations. One major step towards being able to do so would be the release of a bootloader app for installing Clockwork Recovery, and we hear that such a thing is nearly ready to go. No kernel mods just yet, thanks to the locked bootloader, but that’s not surprising. Look for its release in the next day or so.

Source: Droid-life, cvpcs (Twitter)

Via: Droid-life

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