Interested in Motorola’s newest flagship smartphone and the company’s second-generation smartwatch? Stop pining for yesteryear’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and pony up at least $600 before 10:59 am CT, on January 12.

The six Benjamins will get you both the unlocked Moto X Style, aka X Pure Edition, and 2015 Moto 360, obviously in entry-level configurations with 16GB internal storage and 42mm case designed for men respectively.

Bought separately outside this sweet five-day-limited promotion, the 5.7-inch handheld sets you back at least $400, while the swanky circular wearable piece costs $300 and up. The grand total is therefore normally $700, so if you hurry, you can save a cool hundred bucks.

The same discount will be applied to any bundle containing the Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 2, including if, say, you want the former in a 64GB flavor with genuine wood or leather covers, and the latter measuring 46mm in diameter. In that case, the third-gen X fetches $525, and the Android Wear device an additional $350, Motorola then taking $100 off your $875 bill.

If you’re willing to settle for an older, smaller, lower-end second-gen Moto X, the Lenovo-owned gadget manufacturer hooks you up with a free 32GB memory upgrade, also through January 12. Otherwise put, the 32GB version costs the same as the 16GB-er now, i.e. $300 off-contract. No coupon codes needed, no strings attached.

Source: Motorola

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