Motorola Devour: A Sidekick With Android Looks More Real

Motorola, along with Sharp, used to partner with Danger in making the Sidekicks for T-Mobile USA. It looks like Motorola’s bringing some of that Sidekick Slide expertise into the Motorola Devour, a mid-range Android handset with a sliding form factor for Verizon Wireless. The handset makes use of the 600 MHz Qualcomm CPU–the same capable pocessor found on the Palm Pixi. Other specs include a 3.1-inch HVGA display (not the high-end FWVGA on the Motorola Droid), 512/256 MB ROM/RAM, 3-megapixel camera, optical joystick, WiFi, GPS, micro SD slot, and also MOTO BLUR on Android 1.6, though Verizon Wireless and Motorola may provide an upgrade to Android 2.x at a later date.

It seems that Motorola may be gunning for the Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon Wireless; the handset is expected to retail for $99 on contract and $399 full retail. It looks like the Devour may get unleashed any day now, the full retail packaging was caught in pictures.


Motorola Devour running Android 1.6, MOTO BLUR

motorola sidekick slide t mobile

Motorola Sidekick Slide for comparison

(via: Engadget Mobile, Android and Me)

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