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Motorola codenames offer X+1 evidence, point to other new devices

By Stephen Schenck June 5, 2014, 4:02 pm

Earlier this afternoon, we checked in with some of the most recent Windows Phone rumors as we looked at a report mentioning development codenames for a number of Nokia handsets, extending all the way into late 2015. Now we’re crossing the tracks over to the Android side of town, as we learn about some Motorola codenames popping up in the company’s own software.

Motorola’s Bug2Go app contains a laundry list of devices, identified by codenames. Like the Vanquish you see in these screenshots below? That’s the phone that ended up launching as the RAZR HD. But some of these codenames don’t line up with known hardware, possibly giving us some insight into what’s to come.


The highest-profile name is arguably the Xplus1, which we’re assuming is styled as such (rather than X+1) due to formatting limitations. Beyond the four US carrier variants, we also see plans to make the phone available in markets around the world.

Either xWatch or xClock might be the Moto 360, but it’s odd that we see two such names here. Could one be the 360, and another an upcoming smartwatch? Maybe a square-faced model?

Titan is a name that popped up occasionally last year, but was never identified as a commercially released product. Based on the number of variants here, it sure looks like something for which Motorola has big plans, so we’re holding out hope that it still might see the light of day.

Quantum is another name from last year, when it was discussed alongside rumors of a 6.3-inch XPlay phablet. We had the impression that they were two separate devices, but that’s no longer clear, and Quantum may end up being a phablet itself.

Lastly, there’s the Uline, a name that’s all new to us. The VoLTE support mentioned here is pretty interesting, and we wonder if the presence of a single Verizon carrier version might mean that this could be a new Droid-series handset.


Source: hellomotoHK (Google+)
Via: Droid-life


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