Motorola Atrix Not ‘The Most Powerful Smartphone’, U.K. Ad Banned

Motorola is running its ads in the U.K. for the Atrix smartphone and is referring to the device as the world’s most powerful one. After receiving two complaints from Samsung Galaxy S II users that claim their phone is the fastest, the U.K. Advertising Standards Agency has banned the Motorola Atrix commercial.

The Agency told Motorola that the Galaxy S II has a faster processor but in its defense, the American phone-maker claimed that the speed of the CPU alone has nothing to do with a phone being faster than another. Additionally, Motorola stated that the Galaxy S II couldn’t operate computer-like accessories that the Atrix offers and which it can successfully power.

The Agency stated: “Because the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 had a faster processor than the ATRIX, we considered the claim “The world’s most powerful smartphone” had not been substantiated by comparative evidence and concluded that it was misleading”. The ads remain for the moment banned.

Source: The Telegraph

Via: PhoneArena

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