Every manufacturer has an approach to tackling major Android point upgrades. Some (claim) to turn out a fast product while others take their time to iron out wrinkles… and then others never take their time.

While you might have an idea of who the suspects we’re talking about are, analytics firm Apteligent has compiled numbers up from thousands of apps to figure out which OEM’s been paying the most mind to the Marshmallow update.

Motorola is named the far-and-away leader in the US and India when it comes to non-Nexus devices. Add in Nexus makes and you’ll see Moto trounce in the US. LG, though, overtakes the batwings in India. Unfortunately, even within the first year of Marshmallow’s release, we’re talking about percentages under 1 point, here — speed doesn’t matter as much as the volume behind the update.

LG, Samsung and HTC are within a single pack behind Motorola in most places. Sony is second-to-last — for some reason, ZTE was included in the listings at number six.

It’s not clear how much carrier influence we’re picking up on if there’s any in these numbers.

Meantime, Sony has been crowned as most reliable Android brand with the least number of crashes per 10,000 devices. Sony logs only 8 crashes, even though it has some 35 device types with more than 500,000 app loads a day. Motorola and HTC follow close with 9 and 10 crashes per 10,000, respectively. LG and Samsung are tied for fourth at 11 (an impressive feat for both as the first chaebol has 70 device types logged while Samsung has 117). ZTE straddles behind with 28 faults.

Source: Apteligent
Via: GSMArena

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