What does Motorola have coming up next in its device pipeline? We’ve got the X+1 and G2 expected for the company’s early September event, rumors of a new Nexus model, and most recently word of a possible return to tablets. But if we keep focused on just phones, exactly how many are we looking at? A new rumor attempts to nail-down Motorola’s plans for the remainder of the year, naming eight smartphones expected to make their debut.

We’ve got the Moto X+1 and G2 (though that name’s still up in the air), as well as that Shamu Nexus. Then there’s the Moto S, recently rumored to be an early Android Silver effort. Along with that, we also might see Motorola introduce something called the Moto X Play, described by this source as a mini version of the Moto S. Interestingly, we’re told that Motorola is keeping its options open and may end up canning the 5.9-inch Moto S, and turn the X Play hardware into the Moto S, instead.

That puts us up to five; beyond that, we may see the launch of three new Droid models. There would be a base Droid, a Maxx version, and something called the Droid Turbo. And while those names sure suggest a home at Verizon, AT&T might get a crack at a couple of them, too, released under different names.

All in all, it’s not a big stretch beyond what we’d already heard in bits and pieces about upcoming Motorola phones, though this source adds a certain amount of big-picture strategy missing from more single-device-focused leaks. Compared to what the manufacturer’s been putting out lately, this sounds like a lot of hardware in just a short amount of time, though not an unworkable amount.

Source: TK Tech News
Via: Android Spin

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