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MOTOACTV Android App Hacked For Use on Non-Motorola Phones

By Stephen Schenck December 28, 2011, 7:43 pm

Motorola’s announcement of the MOTOACTV Android-powered watch in October left us intrigued. Bluetooth-enabled watches aren’t anything new, but there’s been a growing trend lately to try to get an actual Android installation running on such a tiny package, and we were curious to see how Motorola’s efforts would pay off. After the recent discovery of a way to get a launcher set up on a rooted MOTOACTV, and run standard Android apps, our interest in the watch was piqued. The only problem remaining, at least for a good fraction of smartphone users, was that the MOTOACTV’s software only supported Motorola Androids. Luckily, there’s now a fix for just that problem, giving the accessory full functionality regardless of your phone’s manufacturer.

The hacked Motorola app isn’t a brand-new release; it’s been worked-on since the watch’s arrival in early November. At the time, the APK managed to slip by under our radar, but with the recent developments into hacking the MOTOACTV, our attention is redirected back to it. If you’ve been curious about the watch but didn’t have a Motorola handset of your own, it may be time to consider things again.

Source: XDA-Developers forum

Via: Phandroid

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