Unless you’re on Verizon, Moto Z3 Play is only Moto Mods phone in 2018

When Motorola told media about the Moto Z3, the company introduced the device to us as the final Moto ‘Z’ phone to be released, at least for this year. That means that for the rest of us — unless the phone maker relents on making the Z3 an unlocked device eventually — the Moto Z3 Play will be the tip-top of the Moto tree we’ll be getting.

Motorola has started talking to the public as such.

This is going to come as a sore point for those who looked at the Moto Z3, a sub-$500 phone with a Snapdragon 835, no native 5G capabilities and only a promised link via modular accessory to 5G speeds on one of the nation’s most expensive networks on which to buy service. And other than that, you can get a Snapdragon 636 from the Z3 Play. Plus, Lenovo has reportedly cut back on Moto Mod investment as well, putting the ‘Z’ concept into doubt as a continuing product feature.

Phones are more than about specs, of course, but for those spec heads, it wasn’t a great day looking at Motorola yesterday.

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