That “shatterproof” new Moto Z2 Force is already having a hard time convincing consumers they don’t need to wait for this fall’s big smartphone launches, from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the LG V30 and iPhone 8.

With a modest-sounding battery in tow, no headphone jack and a seemingly scratch-prone screen, Lenovo’s top-of-the-line 5.5-incher may also fall short of contending the likes of the Galaxy S8, HTC U11 or even OnePlus 5. After all, Moto Mods can only go so far in boosting the phone’s appeal and offsetting its flaws.

Speaking of flaws and the OnePlus 5, it appears the “iPhone for Android fans” and the Moto Z2 Force have a very odd thing in common. Fortunately, we’re not talking about benchmark-manipulating code, at least not yet, or annoying push notifications.

Instead, the two devices might be suffering from the same rare and mysterious condition informally dubbed the “jelly scrolling” effect. Their symptoms are pretty much identical, and as bizarre as it sounds, the two companies’ engineers probably made the same unusual choice of mounting the phones’ displays upside down.

If that’s the problem however, it means it can’t be fixed with a software update on the Z2 Force either, though it remains to be seen if Motorola is going to try to label the issue as “natural” behavior as well.

In case you missed this particular OP5 controversy, it basically involves the uneven refresh of content translating into a wobbly “jelly”-like image that greatly bothers some users while others don’t seem to notice it that much. It’s the same for the Moto Z2 Force, and similarly, some people claim it’s completely ruining their experience, though not everyone feels that way.

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