Moto Z2 Force debuts in India on February 15

Motorola’s flagship phone of 2017 is the Moto Z2 Force, for better or for worse. It has decent specifications, but the entire conceit of its modular accessories design, the Moto Mods, is that the phone gets used with a Moto Mod all the time. The basic phone itself can’t be too thick and, thus, the battery will be smaller than the average phone. Also, that means paying bottom dollar above top dollar to get both a device and a Moto Mod upfront.

Those compromises certainly wouldn’t fly in India, but there may be something Motorola will finally be able to do. It will hold a launch event for the Moto Z2 Force with Moto TurboPower Pack in India on February 15 at 12pm India Time. It’s rather telling that the device will be a “limited edition” release when the company’s lower-end devices are getting more traction.

The MSRP for both the Moto Z2 Force and a TurboPower Moto Mod in the United States is $800 or approximately Rs. 51,400. The combined 6,220mAh power capacity is marketed to give users about 54 hours of battery life.

We should note that in addition to the limitations of the concept, the ShatterShield screen isn’t expected to hold up well at all.

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