Moto Z and Z2 Force move one step closer to official Oreo update with soak test in Brazil

Motorola (or rather “Lenovorola”) certainly started off the new major Android update season on the wrong foot, sending G4 Plus owners mixed signals and waiting far too long to bring official Oreo goodies to the company’s flagship Moto Z family.

No longer affiliated with Google, Moto has already been beaten to the Android 8.0 punch by Sony, HTC and OnePlus, not to mention the many other OEMs that are at least allowing public beta program participants to sample the new OS.

At long last, it seems a small group of Moto Z and Z2 Force users will be getting the soak test treatment in Brazil any day now, providing feedback as to minor kinks needing ironing out at the eleventh hour.

It could literally take anywhere between a few hours and… six months after people begin receiving Oreo beta builds for the wider, stabler rollout to commence. But any small step forward is welcomed, given Lenovorola’s total silence on the upgrade timeline front following that vague mid-September announcement.

To try out Android 8.0 on the first-gen Moto Z or this year’s Z2 Force before the masses, you’ll obviously need to live in Brazil, at least for the time being, and join the local Motorola Feedback Network.

After getting an e-mail asking for your cooperation, you’re required to take a quick survey, then wait. Unfortunately, the program is open to a limited number of quality assurance “inspectors.”

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