Moto Z vs Galaxy S7: The better jack of all trades? (Video)

Five months can mean a great deal for high-end Android smartphones, with processors often upgraded twice a year these days, new RAM records pursued, groundbreaking camera technologies frequently coming out of nowhere, not to mention faster connectivity and authentication innovations than ever.

Still, while the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S7 lacks the virtues of a fine wine, it shows essentially no signs of aging thus far, holding its own against beastly newcomers like the Motorola Moto Z (by Lenovo), at least on paper.

Wondering how the two compare in real life? It’s early to draw conclusions, with the newbie not yet rigorously reviewed, but the contest seems very evenly matched, based on Juan Bagnell’s preliminary feedback.

The Moto Mods are undoubtedly Z’s strongest point in this head-to-head battle, if you can afford the extra expenses, whereas the GS7 stands out courtesy of a water shield you don’t have to separately purchase.

Other duels, including general speed, photography-taking quality, battery life and screen sharpness, should for the most part yield no clear winner, judging from the two’s nearly identical specs. But there’s always room for surprises, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by checking out our Moto Z vs Galaxy S7 exclusive comparison video:

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