Looks like the Moto Z StyleMods got a premature reveal

The Moto Z‘s rumored MotoMods don’t just stop at functionality. As much as you can get a better speaker or an extended battery for your new Motorola/Lenovo device, modular fashion is also going to play a big part in pushing the device to certain consumers. That’s according to a few leaks of the so-called “StyleMods” from HelloMotoHK‘s Facebook page, “MotClub HK”.

The header we have up features a poorly color-keyed array of backs that range from the standard metallic to different shades of leather and some unique-looking lumber — we’re willing to take the bet that that one on the farthest left isn’t cork, but a prototype bamboo model. Any identifying insignia has been blurred out.

Here are a few more pictures with two taking into detail the ebony wood StyleMod.

We still miss the ergonomic curve the Moto Xs had that not only did wonders for the palm, but gave that extra “curve” appeal to the material on the phone. But hey, we guess we’ll have to see what’s going on this week at Lenovo Tech World.

Source: MotClub HK
Via: PhoneArena

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