With so many new Moto smartphones covering so many (marginally) different price brackets, as well as the revival of a widely beloved brand drawing near, it can’t be easy for authorized retailers to get rid of leftover 2016 inventory. Especially when talking about a non-flagship device released last year that didn’t have a lot going for it off the bat.

Of course, compared with the arguably sleeker Moto Z2 Play of 2017, the original Z Play holds at least two major advantages. With an outdated (read time-honored) 3.5mm headphone jack in tow, as well as a hefty 3510 mAh battery under the hood, the Snapdragon 625-powered 5.5-incher is a decent bargain at $350, regardless of age.

When you add the latest gifts offered by B&H Photo Video to the $349.99 equation, you get even more than that, as the retailer’s bundled e-gift card shaves $50 off future purchases there, and the extra “basic photo/video kit for smartphones” separately costs at least $34.95.

That’s a combined savings of around $85, so you essentially pay just $265 for a solid GSM unlocked slab with 32GB internal storage, 4G LTE connectivity, 16 and 5MP cameras, near-stock Android 7.0 Nougat software, Full HD screen resolution and 3GB RAM. Now that’s an outright steal. Or you can cough up $350 at Best Buy and score a complimentary Moto Style Shell case with wireless charging, typically worth $39.99, with the same handset in lunar grey. Finally, the Verizon-locked Moto Z Play Droid edition goes for $9.99 a month for two years, amounting to roughly $240 instead of $408. Pretty sweet deals all around.

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