Hello Moto.

Today we’re taking our first look at the first, proper, joint flagship phone venture between Lenovo and Motorola. These two companies are both known for creating “flexible” gadgets. Motorola’s MotoMaker is easily the most complete platform available for allowing consumers to personalize and customize their phones. Lenovo has a solid reputation for building modular business accessories and multi-mode PC’s. He have high expectations for what these two manufacturers should be able to accomplish when working together.

We recently received a very well stocked reviewers kit with both a Moto Z and a Moto Z Force, both of which are the Verizon Wireless “Droid Editions”, VZW enjoying a window of exclusivity there. Alongside the two phones, we also got a trio of MotoMods to test out, and a handy carry case to keep all of our Mod slapping activities well organized. It’s a lot easier to actually talk about tech accessories when we actually have those accessories to show off.

The two phones are fairly similar in overall design and build, though there are some significant differences in battery capacity and camera resolution. The Moto Z Force also inherits the shatter resistant screen from previous Motos. Breaking in these phones, we’ll be pairing them up with the Tumi Battery backplate, the Lenovo Insta-Share projector, and the JBL speaker MotoMod.

Before we can deliver our full reviews though, we have to get these gadgets out of their boxes. Here’s our first impressions on the whole kit!

Moto Z, Moto Z Force, MotoMods First Impressions!

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