Moto Z & Moto Z Force Hands On (Video)

The world’s first “SnapPhones” are finally here, and off the bat, the slightly lower-end Motorola Moto Z (by Lenovo) will leave you gasping for air, as you wonder exactly how its designers pulled off a 5.2mm waist.

The answer lies in the traditional headphone jack omission, as well as a controversial battery capacity downgrade compared to last year’s Moto X Pure Edition. Not to worry, since the Moto Z Force packs a much heftier 3,500 mAh cell inside a still relatively thin 7mm chassis while also forgoing the old 3.5mm audio connector, and keeping you reliant on USB Type-C and wireless.

But both the Moto Z and Moto Z Force stand out first and foremost with a new approach to the modular smartphone concept Lenovo feels LG didn’t quite get right. A number of MotoMods, sold separately from the actual handhelds, add a little bulk and a lot of sound, battery or projector functionality without requiring system reboots every time they’re magnetically attached and detached.

Curious to see how these connect and work a few months ahead of a global launch? We got to spend some quality time with them (and the two phones) at Lenovo’s Tech World event in San Francisco. Take a look:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube!

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