While it’s still too early to pick a winner (or several) in Lenovo’s ingenious “Transform the Smartphone” challenge, however the Moto Z makers decide to expand the Moto Mod program, there’s at least one “candidate” on Indiegogo we hope to see on store shelves no later than November 2017.

Meet the “ultimate” Moto Z Mod with wireless charging, a concept so neat, simple and practical that Motorola should have really thought of first. Not much thicker or pricier than your standard Style Shell, this promises to add quite a bit of functionality to your modular phone alongside a touch of elegance.

For $35 (plus shipping fees), you can support the flexible crowdfunding campaign, as well as secure your place in front of the line for a snap-on accessory seamlessly enabling wireless charging capabilities. Just 10 bucks more will get you an extra IR emitter built into the 3.15mm-slim Moto Mod for you to remotely control compatible TVs.

It’s even possible to pledge as little as $10 in exchange for the developer’s “thanks and gratitude”, with a discounted package of two wireless charging shells costing $65, and a pair of mods with both cable-free charging and infrared functionality setting you back a super-affordable total of $85.

It goes without saying existing prototypes look unpolished and far from exciting, although the idea is definitely intriguing. And yes, you’ll be allowed to choose your “ultimate” Moto Z Mod color and material.

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