It’s probably safe to say “Lenovorola” hasn’t been paying much attention to criticism directed at its overcrowded and confusing 2017 Moto-branded product roster, since seven next-gen phones in the same family are essentially confirmed already for 2018 rollouts.

After predicting more than a month ago that the Play model will return to the Moto G lineup next year, renowned serial leaker Evan Blass took to Twitter again earlier today, hinting at a 2018 expansion of the low-end Moto E program, as well as the existence of a (likely single) Moto X5 version.

Technically, the X5 is the only name on the list supported by evidence (of sorts), but ev-leaked devices are very rarely misleading or false, even when Blass appears to base his forecasts on good old fashioned guesswork.

In other words, until proven inaccurate, we should absolutely count on a release schedule including the Moto X5, Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, E5, E5 Plus and E5 Play in unspecified time slots.

It’s worth pointing out that the mystery of the X4’s branding was also cracked by @evleaks ahead of the phone’s formal announcement, although it understandably took longer, given the extended pause between the X Style and this new handset’s launch.

Inaugurated back in 2014, the Moto E family got its first Plus derivation earlier this year, but no downgraded Play variant yet. Meanwhile, the Moto G5 didn’t get a Play friend, like the 2016 G4, but perhaps the G5S and G5S Plus will be left without direct sequels.

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