Ev-leaked Moto X4 render provides clear, clean look at a very fashionable, curvy device

It hasn’t been officially unveiled on June 21 in Brazil or June 27… elsewhere, but much like the high-end Z2 and Z2 Force, the upper mid-range Moto X4 is surely right around the corner.

Its name stopped being a secret or point of contention among tipsters and leakers back in May, followed by confirmation of several key selling factors later that same month, and a massive credible info dump just yesterday.

Finally, we get to check out the long overdue sequel for 2015’s Moto X Style and Force now in press-friendly render form, with a close look at a snazzy gold model sporting 3D glass, dual rear-facing cameras and a front-mounted fingerprint reader.

Yup, the large M emblem at the back is yet again wasted for design purposes only, though compared to Z family members, the X4 obviously looks cleaner and simpler, lacking the 16-pin arrangement for easy connection of Moto Mods.

No modular accessories for the Snapdragon 630-powered 5.2-incher, and no carrier branding featured on the version pictured today, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Still, we expect Lenovo to go after “international” audiences with a relatively inexpensive Moto X4 rather than focusing largely on North American, South American and select Asian markets.

What else can we say about this phone looking from the outside? Well, it’s clearly thicker than the Z2 Play and Force, not to mention curvier, and we think that’s a headphone jack at the bottom, situated on the left of a USB Type-C port. It better be!

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