Even though Google chose to collaborate with former subsidiary Motorola on just the one Nexus phone, followed by an LG and Huawei-made duo, then a pair of Pixels silently produced by HTC, that doesn’t mean Lenovo’s daughter company has burned all bridges with the search giant.

Long rumored to offer a little budget-friendly choice to Project Fi subscribers, the Moto X4 is today rendered sporting Android One branding on its back. This looks exactly like the shiny 5.2-incher recently unveiled at IFA Berlin apart from that logo, and could definitely already take the Xiaomi Mi A1’s place as the Android One’s highest-profile release.

Brought back into the spotlight after some very quiet years, Google’s “simple, smart, secure and fresh” software program should guarantee timely updates, both major and minor, for future Moto X4 owners stateside.

The X4 could be America’s first ever Android One device, presumably priced around $400 unlocked, as well as significantly lower with service from the Fi MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) using Wi-Fi signal and a mix of cellular Sprint, T-Mobile and USC connectivity.

Due out in “various countries in Europe” this month, the long-awaited fourth-generation Moto X is officially coming later in the fall to “other global markets, including the U.S.”, so perhaps its addition to the Android One family will be announced alongside the Pixel 2 and XL 2 on October 5.

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