Yet another hands-on Moto X4 photo crops up online, alongside actual spec sheet

There really can’t be any lingering doubt or unanswered questions about the imminence of a love-or-hate shiny glass-backed Moto X4. Not after seeing the upper mid-range Android smartphone rendered in top press-friendly quality recently, as well as captured in the wild a couple of times.

Make that three unauthorized photoshoots, though the latest hands-on pic of the X4’s rear cover in a dark and mysterious paint job reportedly dubbed “Super Black” actually hails from an official Iranian distributor of Motorola gear.

Homa Telecom was obviously quick to erase the snapshot from its Instagram feed, but the damage is done, and eagle-eyed followers of the social media account also caught a glimpse of the handset’s spec sheet.

This provides exactly zero surprising revelations, nonetheless etching everything from a 5.2-inch Full HD screen to an octa-core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 processor (Snapdragon 630, not 660) in stone.

A decent but far from remarkable 3000mAh battery will have to keep the lights on, with 32GB internal storage space, 3/4GB RAM options and dual SIM support wrapping the so-so list of features. Oh, and let’s not forget the dual 12MP rear-facing camera setup and single 16MP front shooter that sound like Lenovo’s key selling points for a Moto X4 hopefully fetching no more than $400.

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