Moto X+1 gets detailed in in-depth video leak

What a better way to start September off than with a juicy leak of the soon-to-be-unveiled successor to the Moto X. Today a supposed Moto X+1 video leak has hit the web, and it lines up with everything we’ve seen before – and a lot of what we’re expecting to see – though there are still questions being asked.

The leak comes to us from TK Tech News, which has been hit-or-miss but relatively accurate with previous Motorola leaks (like the one where the Moto Luge was brought to light). The leak itself unfortunately doesn’t tell us as much as we’d like, but we do get a few critical bits of information. First of all, that Motorola logo dimple on the back is apparently a power button, and its’ color is supposedly customizable through Moto Maker.

The flash is apparently part of the camera itself, as a plastic tube that goes around the main sensor. Speaking of that camera, this leak says that it will have optical image stabilization abilities.

The X+1 pictured in this video is apparently made of a bamboo material with an aluminum trim, and it sure looks that way. It seems logical that those two things could be customized through Moto Maker as well.

Hopping on into the software, the thing we most care about is an app called Moto Aware, which looks to show up as just “Moto” on the home screen. Details are scarce on exactly what this thing does, but it’s speculated that the sensors on the front of the phone could be related to it – another of TK Tech News‘s sources says that the sensors are used for a 3D-like effect similar to the one on the Fire Phone, so we’re hearing conflicting reports here.

Finally, Moto Maker options are seemingly confirmed. TK Tech News says that they were able to confirm build materials “Such as Aluminum frame, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Denim, and yes a later edition will be ALL CARBON FIBER, (This reportedly is a VERIZON Exlusive for the holidays).” Based on this, we’re assuming that leather and denim options will be available through Moto Maker from the get-go.

Source: TK Tech News

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