One week ago, rumors about a possible 2014 follow-up to last year’s acclaimed Motorola Moto X really started taking shape. In a series of leaks, first we learned of the name Moto X+1, and then that Motorola may be planning on this year doing for leather what it did for wood with the original Moto X. As we wait to learn more about Motorola’s plans, a new leak hopes to shed a little more light on those leather options.

According to this, the Moto X+1 will offer shoppers choices between 17 colored backplate options, another four wooden selections available, and four all-new leather backs: black, red, blue, and grey. It’s interesting to see that last option spelled as it is rather than the “gray” preferred in the US, but that may simply be a consequence of Motorola’s new ownership.

This leak is also accompanied by the note that these options are specifically for the X+1. That’s important because that initial rumor about leather backs didn’t mention the phone itself at all, and we had to consider the possibility that maybe Motorola might bring leather to the existing Moto X. Granted, this new leak doesn’t specifically dismiss that possibility, but at least now leather is being positively associated with the Moto X+1.

We’ve still got more questions; will this be real honest-to-goodness leather, or something more like Naugahyde? Certainly, not the hard plastic of Galaxy faux-leather phones, but maybe a fabric-based synthetic leather? We’d love for it to be real, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

evleaks-x1colorsSource: @evleaks (Twitter)

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